Better taxes for a Better Future aims to promote discussion
about a better tax system in Aotearoa.

We're calling on the public, businesses, NGOs and politicians to think again
about what tax means.

We believe that in the face of deep, systemic challenges - such as embedded poverty and hardship, growing inequality, overstretched public services, environmental degradation and climate change - taxes are a power for the public good that will help build a better future.

Tax is what we do together to build that future.

We believe our tax system needs to:

  • Raise more revenue to enable us address the challenges we face 
  • Make sure people who have more to contribute, make that contribution - by gathering more revenue from wealth, gains from wealth, all forms of income, and corporates
  • Make greater use of fair taxes to promote good health and environmental sustainability.
  • Address the impact of tax on the least well-off in our society
  • Be transparent*

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Better taxes for a Better Future 

is a Fair Tax Coalition initiative supported by:


Amnesty International

Action Station

Anglican Advocacy

Climate Club 

Oxfam Aotearoa


Salvation Army

Tax Justice Aotearoa

Renters United

Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi

E Tu! union

Wellbeing Economy
Alliance Aotearoa

Closing the Gap




First Union

EcuAction Canterbury



Nelson Tasman Climate Forum



* Our lead partner Tax Justice Aotearoa makes 5 recommendations on tax transparency:

1. ensure Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs) provide Country-by-Country Reporting information on their websites for public access.

2. establish a publicly accessible register of beneficial owners for both companies and other incorporated entities, such as trusts, with comprehensive information.

3. establish an asset or wealth register that registers significant assets not already covered in existing registers related to land and vehicles, and this register should include ownership details.

4. adoption and advocacy for international adoption of, independent, accurate and comprehensive standards for accounting and data production.

5. regulation to provide public access to aggregated information gained through the automatic exchange of information.

More on tax transparency in Aotearoa.