MEDIA RELEASE: Poll Shows Clear Appetite for Tax Reform

Clear public support for tax reform, shown in the latest 1News Verian poll, shows Aotearoa’s political parties need to think again about positive tax policies.

The poll showed a majority of people surveyed - 52% - supported capital gains being taxed when people sold rental properties.

“This poll demonstrates an appetite for change,” says Fair Tax Coalition chair Glenn Barclay, spokesperson for the Better taxes for a Better Future campaign.

“We encourage both the Government and the opposition parties to rethink their approach to taxation of capital gains and wealth in light of this poll - and the poll back in April that showed a majority favoured wealth taxes.”

That poll, by Newshub-Reid Research, asked if voters would support the Government introducing a wealth tax, and found 53.1% in favour.

“Both these polls indicate voters want positive tax changes, and support our call for a tax system that ensures people who have more to contribute, make that contribution - by gathering more revenue from wealth and gains from wealth,” says Glenn Barclay.

The Better taxes for a Better Future Campaign was launched in June with the support of 18 partner organisations.