MEDIA RELEASE: Report Supports Call for Better Taxes

Research out today showing Aotearoa significantly underinvests in education has been welcomed by the Better taxes for a Better Future campaign, who say better investment in education can best come from a better tax system.

The research was prepared by BERL for the Tertiary Education Union, NZEI Te Riu Roa and the Post Primary Teachers’ Association.

"This research demonstrates that we as a country significantly under invest in education," says Better taxes for a Better Future spokesperson Glenn Barclay.

"The research is consistent with OECD data that puts us behind in our investment in health with other comparable countries," Glenn Barclay says. “These are both vital sets of public services that are struggling and need better support.”

"We need better investment in education to ensure our success as a country in an increasingly competitive world

"To best achieve this, we need to collect greater revenue through a more equitable tax system where those who can afford it pay more.

"This week's PREFU data showed that Aotearoa currently does not have enough resources to adequately fund public services - so really, it's obvious: we need better taxes to pay for better education," Glenn Barclay says.