MEDIA RELEASE: Innovative Tax Policy from Te Pāti Māori Welcomed

Te Pāti Māori's tax policy announced today is innovative, forward thinking and is a good example of a political party taking a fundamental look at our tax system.

"Instead of just tweaking the tax system, these are an innovative set of polices," says Fair Tax Coalition chair Glenn Barclay, spokesperson for the Better taxes for a Better Future campaign.

"New measures to curb land banking and introducing 'ghost house' taxes are excellent examples of forward thinking tax policy, and using tax to change behaviour for the public good."

The policies are consistent with the Better taxes for a Better Future campaign message.

"That is, they ask more of those who can afford it and also address the impact of tax on the least well off in our society," says Glenn Barclay.

"The policies are also intended to generate more revenue, which is a must if we are to tackle the complex challenges we face of climate, strained public services - such as health and education - and our embedded inequality and poverty."

Full policy.